nedeľa 8. októbra 2017

Millenial and Fabulous

To my friends. Old and new. You make it worth it.

Dearest boys and girls. It
’s been a while, I know. Not entirely sure where this one is going to go either, but stay with me, it might be an important one. If not, I will just brag that I’m actually living the dream. This second, I’m sipping a coffee, working alongside my adopted mum, and staring at the London sky. And if only you knew what a fab day I had yesterday…

Arrived in London a little early before 8 in the morning. Hopped on the train, arrived at Waterloo IMAX just as the screening was about to start. Duly accepted the coffee and the raspberry muffin that was handed to me and thoroughly enjoyed the three hours extravaganza that the new Blade Runner is.
Sure, it might be a bit heavy to stare at the brooding face of Ryan Gosling so early in the morning, but …. Okay, jokes, of course it wasn’t. It never is. So there I was, off to a great start of the day. Then we hit up the only joint in town that really counts and Giovanni welcomed me with ‘have you lost weight?’ – there is no way I cannot love this man. We all need an Italian restaurant owner in our lives, right? No? Just me? Okay. Well, you couldn’t have mine anyway, he’s mine & mine alone. Okay, and Matus’ and Chloe’s. But that’s exactly the point. I came to London to spend some quality time with my family. And yes, we might joke that they’re my adopted parents and I’m their only child, but the truth is that I will always stand by this – friends are the family you choose.

Lately, I’ve been hearing myself speak about my life in terms of ‘life could be worse’. This time around though, it’s not in a sense of endless bitching where one can only imagine one more horror before giving in to this misery of a life. On the contrary, it’s more a case of reminding myself how far I’ve come and how I’m genuinely grateful.

In the past few months, I’ve had many intense conversations about how fast our lives are, how intense the workload is and how high are aspirations go…and I’m beginning to realise what my stance on all of this is. I used to think I had to fulfill my potential and that I had to reach far and when I wasn’t, I was getting frustrated with myself. And don’t get me wrong, I still am and this should not serve as a free pass from attempting to achieve anything. However, none of my accomplishments, past or future, could ever compare to the joy of life. Ever. The food, the wine, the company, the experience, the wonder of the unknown, the comfort of the familiar.

There are still so many things I want to figure out, but life could be worse and here’s how I know it. For the past few months, I have no regrets. Zero. And that is a pretty decent statistic if you ask me, and I’m done feeling bad for the life I’m not leading because the one that I am is actually pretty awesome.

Looking back at the summer I’ve had? Rome, Budapest, London, Vienna, friends visiting me from all over the world, gigs, theatre….oh hold on, didn’t finish telling you about my yesterday. Right.

So, after the lunch (not sure if I say this often enough – NOTHING makes me happier than good food), we headed back to Wembley, for a quick nap and a heat patch. Wearing a backless dress with a big patch of on my back probably wasn’t the best idea, even though, come to think of it, I could have pretended I just got a tattoo if it wasn’t for the smell of Chinese herbs. (herby na hrbe, Matus, dear, pre teba 😉). Sadly though, it was necessary, I have a back pain and the patch was a constant reminder I’m pushing thirty. Or as my colleague would have put it, I will be fifty in twenty years.

Looking LDN fabulous, I got to the Apollo theatre, watched Sienna Miller do a great southern accent in A Cat on the Hot Tin Roof; downed a couple of proseccos during the show, just so I can carry on in a cocktail bar, where I was served something called Sovereign Shadowing (swoon) and had the best time with Iona.

So what’s my point? …Gigs, theatre, good booze, bad booze, exceptionally good booze, exceptionally bad hangovers, some questionable decisions, some surprising turns of events and a constant flood of dinner parties entertainment – you’re welcome!

The heat patch might have come with an added value of Chinese ancient wisdom, or it’s simply the fact that next year, I will be turning 30. I am coming to terms with the fact that there are some things in life you can’t control and you shouldn’t even try. Just enjoy the ride and for the love of god, have fun while you’re doing it. Life could be worse.

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